Tocino or Chinese Roast Pork recipe (Char Siu)   



½ cup of ketchup 

6 tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce (Chinese Barbeque Sauce) 

1 tablespoon of soy sauce 

½ teaspoon of garlic powder 

½ teaspoon of black pepper 

¼ cup of honey 

2 teaspoons of Chinese 5 spices 

2 Tablespoons of Rice wine or Sherry 

½ bottle of 7 UP or Sprite 


Pork loin, or pork tenderloin or pork shoulder sliced ¼ inch (6mm) thick 

Pork shoulder has more fat than the tenderloin or pork loin, so you use less oil when cooking. 

Mix the marinade all together then add the meat and make sure all meat is well coated.  Depending upon how much tocino you are planning to make, you can just double or triple the recipe.  Place in sealed container or plastic bag in the refrigerator, at least overnight. 


 Add about 1 cup of water to a pan or wok, then add the pork and cook until the water is evaporated. Add some oil to the pan and let the meat fry. The marinade will carmelise and turn black and sticky. Make sure you keep mixing the meat in the pan to coat with the sugar from the marinade. When browned and sticky, it is done. Serve with eggs and garlic fried rice for a Filipino breakfast 



The marinade is also good for Chinese roast port.  Follow the same steps for the marinade and overnight the pork before cooking.  Roast the pork in the oven at 350 degrees (F) or about 170 degrees C for about an hour.  Keep basting the pork roast (I use the tenderloin) with the marinade, so it doesn’t dry out and gets the honey glaze on the roast.  Thinly slice and serve, hot or cold.